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Quiet, Please! (NPNA00106)

After an annoying day at school, you just want some peace and quiet. But everything at home is so noisy! Mr. Peabody is obsessively mowing his lawn, Dad is channel surfing and Mom is yapping on the phone. Your pesky kid brother won't go to bed, and even your pet kittens are driving you crazy! Explore, interact with your environment and solve puzzles.

- Classic adventure game fun on your hand-held device.
- Explore a lighthearted and humorous environment.
- Use your wits and the items you find to solve puzzles.
- Three kittens included with every purchase!

Package size: 9431 KB - More storage space required for install

Compatibility information:
Number of players for local play: 1 Player

Supported interfaces/sensors
- Touchscreen
- Controller / On-screen controller

Supported languages:
English(United States)/English(United Kingdom)

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