PSMReborn PSMReborn
Creatures & Castles VX (NPNA00150)

An action-puzzle game in which you help a young treasure hunter steal vast quantities of treasure from well-guarded castles.
Lead them on their way to safety, avoiding traps and the treasure guards.
The less time you take guiding the treasure hunter, the higher your score. And watch out for the Grim Reaper.

Young Timmy and Susie love their bedtime stories about treasure hunters and wild adventures.
So, in the dead of night they tiptoe out of the house and set off on an adventure to raid the nearest castle...
and find themselves in a world of trouble.

Help them in their predicament by guiding them to steal their ill-gotten gains and escape from the depths of the castle...

Package size: 26 MB - More storage space required for install

Compatibility information:
Number of players for local play: 1 Player

Supported interfaces/sensors
- Touchscreen
- Controller / On-screen controller

Supported languages:
English(United States)/English(United Kingdom)

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