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sixty second shooter Deluxe (NPOA00018)

“This game is a hidden gem. It's worth getting into.”
- Tomo Moriwaki, producer of Medal of Honor

“*sixty second shooter* takes a simple concept and delivers it in small, intense bites. You can come back at any time and attempt to improve your performance, and you’ll want to.”
- VentureBeat | GamesBeat

In *sixty second shooter Deluxe* you'll be given one minute to deal as much destruction as possible. The enemy hordes are relentless, so only the sharpest wits and the fastest reflexes will prevail. Will you press your luck and fly to the deep levels where the truly treacherous foes await? The clock is always ticking in this fast-paced dual-stick shooter.

Thankfully, our intrepid scientists at Happion Laboratories have developed all-new weapons to help you in those sixty seconds of hell. Use missiles to build a large chain bonus or lure your opponents into deadly remote-detonating bombs. With these tools at your disposal, you can develop all kinds of strategies to make that minute last a lifetime!

Created by Jamie Fristrom, game developer behind the critically acclaimed and award-winning games Spider-Man 2 and Schizoid.

Package size: 4477 KB - More storage space required for install

Compatibility information:
Number of players for local play: 1Player(S)

Supported interfaces/sensors
- Touchscreen
- Controller / On-screen controller

Supported languages:
German/English(United States)/English(United Kingdom)/Spanish/French/Italian

Copyright (c) 2012