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EP Search and Find (NPOA00283)


Search and Find the hidden ítems on each level. On the top of the screen you’ll see some items that have been lost between some others. Do it as quick as you can!
It is a simple game, for kids and adults. You can also choose between 3 levels of difficulty depending on your visual dexterity, which will be improved training on the easiest levels.
Tick tock tick tock, the clock doesn’t stop but you can get some seconds if you are quick. The challenge is more and more complicated! Open up your eyes!

* HD graphics
* Play by just touching the screen
* 3 levels of difficulty
* Available in 21 languages
* Register your free EP Games account and challenge your friends to make the highest score

Package size: 57 MB - More storage space required for install

Compatibility information:
Number of players for local play: 1 Player

Supported interfaces/sensors
- Touchscreen
- Controller / On-screen controller

Supported languages:
Danish/German/English(United States)/English(United Kingdom)/Spanish/French/Italian/Dutch/Norwegian/Polish/Portuguese(Portugal)/Portuguese(Brazil)/Russian/Finnish/Swedish/Japanese/Korean/Simplified Chinese

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