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CHAOS RINGS takes full advantage of your device’s capabilities, using classic and novel game mechanics that any RPG fan will enjoy to present an epic tale encompassing four unique and engaging storylines—all delivered with gorgeous sound and unbelievably smooth 3-D graphics!

The plot revolves around the Ark Arena—the stage of a brutal tournament that pits combatants against one another in a fight for survival. Choose a pair of characters, one male and one female, to send into battle against the others, each with their own story to tell. The ultimate truth behind the Ark Arena will not be revealed until each story is complete!

Package size: 653 MB - More storage space required for install

Compatibility information:
Number of players for local play: 1 Player

Supported interfaces/sensors
- Touchscreen
- Controller / On-screen controller

Supported languages:
Danish/German/English(United States)/English(United Kingdom)/Spanish/French/Italian/Dutch/Norwegian/Finnish/Swedish/Japanese/Korean/Simplified Chinese/Traditional Chinese

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